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Available NATIONWIDE in the United States from New York, Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, and California. Available in Australia from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Launceston.

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The Shipping Container Specialist

Are you searching for a reliable destination to buy new or used containers for sale? You’re at the right place!

JOY CONTAINERS is America’s leading shipping container specialist. We specialize in the sale of quality intermodal ISO shipping containers at the most competitive prices with good service and nothing else. Look for us if you want the best bang for the buck on your next shipping container purchase. Shipping container rentals and modification works are not available at the moment. We carry a wide range of different types of shipping containers, in both new and used conditions with the world’s two most common shipping container dimensions, mainly in 20ft shipping container size and 40ft shipping container size, comprising of the following range: standard dry shipping container, high cube container, flat rack, open top container and refrigerated reefer container. New customized shipping container units are available upon request too.  

Do you want to purchase used containers for sale for your shipping needs? Contact us today!


Shipping Containers (Dry)

The most common container in the industry are often in 20ft and 40ft sizes

High Cube Storage Containers

Extra one foot height at 2.9mH

Open Top Containers

For loading items from the top when the conventional side door is not feasible

Flat Rack

For Loose, odd sized, and bulky cargo

High Cube Storage Containers

Extra one foot height at 2.9mH

Shipping Container Homes

Examples of what shipping containers can become


Though we operate from our office in Sydney, New South Wales, our shipping containers are located nationwide in all major states and cities of the United States and Australia. Whether it is a 20ft shipping container in Darwin, Northern Territory, or a 40ft high cube shipping container required in Hobart, Tasmania, we have you covered! In addition, depending on where you want to have the shipping container delivered, we shall internally assess your location to propose the nearest available shipping container depot so that you will be able to gain maximum savings and the best dollar value on your shipping container delivery needs.


When you think of shipping containers, you will naturally think of logistics and transportation. However, the use of shipping containers these days have gone beyond just that. They can be used as storage containers in your backyard, mounted advertising banners on them to send that big and loud message across, perhaps quick structural solutions for temporary event needs.

top shipping container for sale

top shipping containers for sale

best shipping containers australia

Riding on the trends of tiny homes or shipping container homes trend, with their modular size, sturdy and trustworthy structural body, they have been increasingly popular with builders and homeowners on their housing projects. Think of Joy Containers when you buy shipping containers to build that next dream shipping container home of yours! We will be able to provide you with materials such as a manufacturing certificate and shipping container technical plan drawings together with its exact shipping container dimensions. You will not be disappointed! Our sea containers for sale would be the right pick for your storage needs.


♠ Competent and Cost-effective shipping container delivery

When you buy shipping or sea containers from Joy, your container delivery needs are being taken care of from our most competent and cost-effective logistics network to take care of all your shipping container-related delivery needs across the Country. Simple jobs ranging from the delivery of an empty 20ft shipping container delivery involving a tilt tray truck from Brisbane to Gold Coast, Queensland to more complicated ones like delivery of a laden 40ft high cube container via a side loader from your home in Melbourne, Victoria to the Port of Adelaide, South Australia. We have them covered. No dramas guaranteed. If in doubt to make the right pick from our variety of sea containers for sale for the mode of transport or for your storage needs, professional friendly advice is always around the corner to ensure that you are in good hands.

♠ Widest range of shipping containers with different budgets

Depending on your needs and budget requirements, our inventory is stocked with shipping containers of all kinds of conditions and budgets to suit your needs. You might be facing a high-profile customer with a good budget who have extra high expectations on the quality and external facade, a new shipping container body will be most desirable to avoid all unnecessary rejections which might surface thereafter leading to project delay. You are technically hands-on with sound knowledge in steel materials working in a nonprofit organization often with a limited budget, going for a used container in AS IS condition might do the job as they are cheap shipping containers compared to all categories which will suit your needs. If you are on a budget, you can consider our used containers for sale.  No matter which situation it may be, send us an email so we may propose to you the most suitable shipping container!


Shipping Container Dimensions

Our shipping container inventory comes in two following sizes as follows:

20ft shipping container – 20ft x 8ft x 8.5ft/9.5ftH or 6m x 2.44m x 2.6m/2.9mH

40ft shipping container – 20ft x 8ft x 8.5ft/9.5ftH or 12m x 2.44m x 2.6m/2.9mH

For more information, please head over to our shipping container dimensions page. You will get a better idea about our various sea containers for sale.

Shipping Container Conditions

new 40ft shipping containers for sale Darwin

Used 40 foot shipping container for sale

Used 40ft Shipping Containers For Sale Darwin

40ft shipping containers for sale (high cube)


NEW (One Trip) conditions are newly made shipping containers out from the factory in China and have been shipped on a one-way basis to Australia as a temporary loan to the shipping lines achieving a win-win situation for all 3 parties (Shipping lines, consignee and container buyers) resulting that end buyers buy shipping containers at factory rates without paying for the freight charges at all.


USED conditions are further sub categorized into the following categories:

IICL – Institute of International Container Lessors, an organization that groups the largest container and chassis leasing companies worldwide and has the strictest criterion out there for used containers. These containers are often less than 10 years old and look almost like new with minimal damage, rust, and dents. Also widely known as A grade used shipping container in the market.

CW (Cargo Worthy) – Also known as shipping worthy containers. These are the most common type of used containers for sale available in the market. They are wind water tight, vermin proof and are often between 10 to 14 years of age with average rusts and dents but are worthy for sea freight shipping. These units will be what you are after if you intend to ship your laden containers overseas.

WWT (Wind Water Tight) – A slightly cheaper alternative than CW shipping containers if you require to use them for storage locally and not shipping them overseas. One of the most commonly sought-after conditions as most of our customers purchases them for local uses only.

AS IS – One grade lower than WWT, these units are often not surveyed and may have some damages such as dents, holes, rust, and structural deformity. As they are sold AS IS and have not undergone any survey, they are much cheaper than any of the above categories. Definitely not for the fussy buyers. Depending on locations and seasons, you might sometimes be able to find some wind water tight and CW units among our batches if you are lucky. Do contact us for more information if you like to arrange a viewing session at one of our depots.

Damaged or Scrap – Heavily damaged and unsafe and unsuitable for any usage, good for cheap spare part options. Mostly sold to steel scrap companies.

Non operating: (Applicable for refrigerated reefer containers only) often refers to the nonworking functionality of the compressor machinery found within the reefer containers. They are also termed nonworking or decommissioned reefers. Though non-operating, the body of the reefer container is still a gem as it is well insulated with a thick layer of insulation. Extremely suitable for projects which require a certain climate control from the external temperature conditions.

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Hear From Our Customers

We have customers from diverse backgrounds. They range from local Government agencies, organizations and international MNCs, to local small medium companies in different industries such as agriculture, engineering, logistics, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, events, and many more. Not only on a business-to-business model, we also supply sales of shipping containers directly to individuals and consumers. No matter how big or small our customers are, all are well-taken care of by our professional and friendly team.


With plenty of containers for sale out there in the shipping container market, most of us are overwhelmed by factors like shipping container’s reputation, shipping container condition, shipping container prices, shipping container delivery, and shipping container payment. We walk the talk, our testimonials will do the job.