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The new age tiny house

Shipping container homes Australia


Nowadays people often consider other alternatives in a lot of things, even on Houses. Shipping containers have become popular in converting to shipping container homes and other mobile spaces. With the cost of building a home getting higher, we understand how hard it is to even start planning. With more and more people considering shipping container homes an option in their next property investment we wanted to be a part of the progress. That is why Joy shipping containers is happy to provide our insights on shipping container homes in Australia.

Buying a shipping container home

Why choose us? Joy Containers does not only provide affordable and good-quality shipping containers alone but we also to take part in designing an exceptionally beautiful shipping container home of your dreams. We work hand in hand with our clients towards only one goal, Satisfaction.

Building a container home really depends on what suits your needs. It takes a lot of researching and planning to get to your desired result. You will have to consider a lot of factors but at the end of the day, safety and comfortability is still the most important thing to consider when building a shipping container Home.

Shipping container homes

Price– Who wouldn’t want a home at a lower cost? Cheap shipping container prices is always what consumers are looking out for when they are out shopping for one. This is the main reason why more people opt to go for a shipping container home. It offers an exceptional value for money without sacrificing the comfort that you can get from traditionally built houses. 

Environment-Friendly– Converting shipping containers to shipping container homes is a great contribution to the environment. Recycling shipping containers that are stored in the ports unused is a greener option in building a house than using woods, bricks or other construction materials.

Easy to find Shipping Container– Suppliers of shipping containers especially in Australia is an easy find. Having said that, Joy shipping container is present in major cities of the country and ready to assist you with your next shipping container home. 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers are commonly available. For that extra height, you should consider the usage of high cube container for a more comfortable stay. 

Fast and Off-Site Building– Unlike building a traditional house and gathering all the materials and documents necessary to the construction, building a shipping container home is incredibly faster and time efficient. After choosing the best size and condition of your foundation which is a shipping container, everything else will come fast and easy. Shipping container modifications after your desired design is done off-site and will be delivered and assembled in your address afterward. However, though different from building a traditional house, building permits are also needed when building a shipping container home.

Uniqueness and Style– When building a home most people would go for elegance while some prefer a simple one. No matter how lavish or simple you want it to be, the idea of a home is a place where you can be yourself. You can put a lot of style and beauty to your container home. Joy shipping container home will help you build a home according to how you want it to be. Share with us your dream home and we will build it in a way that so much of your style and personality will reflect in it. Moreover, some DIY ideas is a great addition if you want more beauty to your shipping container homes.

Easy to Move– For some, one of the reasons why they choose to build a shipping container home is the ability for it to be moved from one place to another. Shipping containers are not only meant as a house but also as mobile spaces like office and even as a mobile business. This is the best option if you generally move often. 

More amazing ways to use shipping containers:

Showroom– If you are in the property business and you want to build a temporary space to showcase the style and arrangement of the property you are selling, Shipping containers may be the best option to do it. You can design and modify the container according to how your actual property for sale looks inside.

Guesthouse– If your house only has enough space for your family but you have an unused area in your land you may want to convert the space to a Shipping container guesthouse to make more room for your family and your guests.

Playhouse– For more secured and personal playing time with family, Shipping container can be converted to a playhouse right at your backyard or at any area of your property.

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As shipping container grow popularity as conversion option to Houses, numerous resources are available to help you figure out how to get to the best design and options for your shipping container home. We look forward to hear from your requirements on that ideal shipping container home!